Shelter dinner event 4 to 6 pm

Date: January 25, 2020

We are serving approximated 90+ shelter residents & homeless individuals at the Bailey's Cross Road Shelter. Please sign up below. If you cannot drop off a food item you are donating, or if you are bringing someone with you, please email Desiree.

The shelter is no longer allowing minors to participate at the shelter dinner events.

Please note each row is for 90+ people unless noted otherwise below.

Shelter's address:
Bailey’s Shelter and Supportive Housing
5914 Seminary Road, Falls Church, VA 22041
(703) 820-7621

Click here for more info on food items (quantity and photos)

Sign up below...

1.5 large tray of white rice#1: Mojgan C.
1.5 large tray of mixed rice#1: Sanam Y.
15 rotisserie chicken#1: Shiva R.
4 large lasagnas#1: Hope S.
1.5 large tray of pasta#1: Faranak M.
Salad & dressing (for 60+)#1: Nasim F.
1.5 large tray of mashed potato#1: Susan S.
1.5 large trays of mixed vegetables#1: Nersi Z.
Fruits#1: Roya B.
Fruit salad (100+)#1: Fred A.
30+ skewers of kabob#1: (empty) - sign-ups closed
5 large Costco cakes#1: Tom T.
4 - 5 quarts ice cream buckets & cookies (for 60+)#1: Mehrdad E.
Juice/drinks#1: Bita K.
Baguettes#1: Desiree M.