Shelter dinner event 1st shift 4 to 5:30 pm

Date: February 25, 2017

We are serving shelter residents & homeless individuals for the hypothermia prevention program from December through March at the Bailey's Cross Road Shelter. Please sign up below. If you cannot drop off a food item you are donating, please email Desiree.
Please contact Desiree if you are planning to bring minors under 18 years of age since prior authorization is needed from the shelter. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult.
Please note each row is for 75+ people unless noted otherwise below.
Each row/food item signup is for one adult, or one minor accompanied by an adult. If you're a couple or a group, each adult will need to sign up separately for a food item.

Shelter's address:
Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter
3525 Moncure Ave, Baileys Crossrds VA 22041
(703) 820-7621
Click here for more info on food items (quantity and photos)

Sign up below...

1.5 large trays of mixed rice#1: Sanam Y.
1.5 large trays of white rice#1: Susan S.
1 large trays of mashed potato#1: maryam s.
12-14 rotisserie chicken#1: Sean Y.
12-14 rotisserie chicken#1: Mojgan R.
Kabob#1: Seti & Nikki T.
4 large family size of lasagna#1: Nasim F.
1 large trays of pasta#1: Forough Y.
Salad & dressing (for 75+)#1: Mandana T.
Salad & dressing (for 75+)#1: Mandana T.
1.5 large trays of mixed vegetables#1: Dorsa Z.
Fruit (for 75+)#1: Roya B.
Fruit salad (for 75+)#1: Fred A.
Fruit salad (for 75+)#1: Fred A.
5 large Costco cakes#1: Ryan Y.
4 - 5 quarts ice cream buckets & cookies (for 75+)#1: Fariba J.
Juice/drinks (for 75+)#1: Bita K.
Dinner rolls (for 75+)#1: Desiree M.