Shelter dinner event 2nd shift 5:30 to 6:45 pm

Date: January 25, 2014

We are serving approximated 200 shelter residents & homeless individuals for the hypothermia prevention program from December through March at the Bailey’s Cross Road Shelter. Please sign up below. If you are interested in contributing a food item but cannot serve, please email Desiree. If you cannot drop off a food item you are donating, or if you are bringing someone with you, please email Desiree.

Please note each row is for 75+ people unless noted otherwise below.

Shelter’s address:
Bailey’s Crossroads Community Shelter
3525 Moncure Ave, Baileys Crossrds VA 22041
(703) 820-7621

Click here for more info on food items (quantity and photos)

Sign up below...

2 large trays of white rice#1: Nersi Z.
2 large trays of mixed rice#1: sanam y.
2 large trays of pasta#1: Nooshin A.
2 large trays of pasta#1: Niloo R.
2 large trays of mashed potato#1: Desiree M.
3 large family size of lasagna#1: Shidan D.
Soup (75+ cups)#1: Shokat & Bahar E.
Dinner rolls (for 75+)#1: Desiree M.
2 large trays of mixed vegetables#1: Homa J.
Fruits (for 75+)#1: matin b.
5 large Costco cakes#1: shariar s.
4 - 5 quarts ice cream buckets & cookies (for 75+)#1: Mahnaz &Tim W.
Juice/drinks (for 75+)#1: Fanja A.