Fundraising Campaigns

Gifts of Joy ~copyright Dast2Dast IncHelp and donate to our fundraising campaigns. Please click on one of the campaigns highlighted below to find out more information and to make your tax deductible donation online. Closed campaigns have been crossed out:

Leave Your Foodprint! 2024

Gifts of Joy! 2023

Leave Your Foodprint! 2023

Gifts of Joy! 2022

Leave Your Foodprint! 2022

Gifts of Joy! 2021

Leave Your Foodprint! 2021

Gifts of Joy! 2020

Leave Your Foodprint! 2020

Gifts of Joy! 2019

Leave Your Foodprint! 2019

Gifts of Joy! 2018

Leave Your Foodprint! 2018

Gifts of Joy! 2017

Leave Your Foodprint! 2017

Gifts of Joy! 2016

Leave Your Foodprint! 2016

Gifts of Joy! 2015

Leave Your Foodprint! 2015

Gifts of Joy! 2014



Dast2Dast Team
Dast2Dast Team at Dast2Dast Inc.
Dast2Dast is a non-profit organization (registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable institution) dedicated to helping the needs of the homeless individuals. We believe that all people deserve the basic necessities of life, and that the community in which we live is called to serve this purpose. It is our mission to provide food, support services, and an avenue to self-sufficiency for homeless individuals in our community.
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