Thank You for Helping Others!

Thank you for helping others!Once again, Dast2Dast was blessed with several generous donations from our wonderful donors.  This could not have happened at a better time since the pantry at the Falls Church Shelter was running very low.

Our dedicated board members went shopping.  We were able to purchase the following items for the pantry:

  • 50 lbs of Rice
  • 60 lbs of Various Pastas
  • 30 3-lb cans of various vegetables
  • 6 3-lbs cans of Fruit
  • Much need supply of milk cartons (enough for 300+ people)
  • 300 individual cereal boxes
  • Various spices
  • Condiments such as ketchup and mustard
  • 160 Water bottles
  • Breakfast items such as pancake mix, oatmeal and syrup enough to feed the residents for 2-3 months
  • Plus a few other minor items such as food storage boxes

We cannot thank you enough for your generous donations.  We put a great dent in their need, but they still need more. For instance, because one of their freezers is not working, we were not able to purchase meats and freezable items.  We are hoping that once the freezer is functioning again, we can make another grocery run.

Please know that we appreciate your donations very much and do our best to purchase the most food for the lowest price possible – we get most of these bulk items from Restaurant Depot to reduce costs. While we try to keep costs down, we are also aware of keeping the food options as healthy as possible.

We will be making another food fun in the next month or so. If you’d like to contribute, please either deliver canned or dry goods to the shelter or donate online and we will do the shopping for you.  Your cash donations can be made to our 2017 Leave Your Foodprint Campaign

On behalf of the Falls Church Shelter Staff, Residents and the Dast2Dast team…. I thank you.  Thank you for thinking of others; thank you for helping others; thank you for being so generous that another human can survive one more day!

Thank you again for being part of the elite group of people who put others ahead of themselves.

Director at Dast2Dast Inc.
Anna Behnam is a financial advisor with Behnam & Associates in Rockville, MD. She specialized in helping her clients with financial planning including retirement, education, insurance and investing. She lives with her husband and son in Bethesda, MD. Anna has been part of the Dast2Dast family for over five years. In addition to her charitable work here, she also supports children’s organizations such as Neediest Kids and causes such as the National Kidney Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In her spare time she also volunteers at a local church as a photographer.
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