Happy Holidays to our Cheerful Givers

Happy Holidays to our Cheerful Givers
We would like to thank our volunteers who so generously give their time, energy and spirit and to our financial donors who enable us to effectively carry out our mission and provide food for the homeless. New faces dotted this year’s volunteer landscape but all were welcomed, mentored and made to feel at home by those of you who continue to volunteer year after year. Without your leadership we would be lost and without new blood we would not have the bright future that lays out ahead of us.

Hundreds of volunteers and members of our community have given their energy, talent and generosity over the past 12 years to help us provide meals to the homeless. Coming together to fight homelessness and carry forward is important for building strong communities everywhere. For this we are grateful to all those who have helped provide a foundation of support for our mission.

One person can make a difference. That person is you.

Wishing you happy holidays with thanks for giving so cheerfully of your time, talent and treasures!

The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers…
Desiree Mehbod

Founder and president at Dast2Dast Inc.
Desiree Mehbod is the founder and president of Dast2Dast Inc. She is also a web design enthusiast and blogger, and the owner of eAppraise Company, a real estate appraisal company, with 30 years of experience in the appraisal industry.
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