Thank You for Helping Children Stay Warm!

Helping children stay warm this winter

Most of us wake up each day concerned about our daily routine. Getting the kids off to school, did I finish that project at work, what should I make for dinner tonight… all these things that just somehow happen each day. During the holiday season, our concerns alter a bit to which toy or toys should I get for the kids this year, whose party are we going to attend, how can I make our holiday dinner even better than it was last year?

Thankfully, most people reading this never think about where their next meal is coming from or are the kids warm enough walking to school.

At Dast2Dast, we try to help our neighbors when the opportunity arises. This year, we were blessed to have the opportunity to help H.D. Cooke Elementary School* in Washington, DC. We learned about Cooke Elementary through a friend who told us that the school was desperate for winter clothing to help many of its kids stay warm this winter. Most children between the ages of 5 and 12 did not have a coat and many did not have gloves or hats. Of course, our hearts melted and we felt that we needed to do what we can so, we set off to work.

Through generous donations we were able to deliver 66 coats and 250 hats, gloves and scarves. The staff was just in awe at how many boxes were being carried in. One staff member said “wow, we’ve never received so much, not sure our closet will hold it all!”

It is this type of generosity that makes our Dast2Dast community so unique. In the ten or so years that I’ve been involved with Dast2Dast, I’ve never met one member who refused or was too tired to help. We are all faced with our own challenges each day, but when it comes to the wellbeing of our neighbors, our Dast2Dast community always steps up.

Thanks to YOU 66 children won’t walk to school cold this winter. Thanks to YOU at least 100 children will be able to play outside without risking freezing hands or cold necks. Thanks to YOU these children can enjoy the holiday season focused on being children.

Thank you for helping make the world a better place one child at a time.

We wish you a very joyful holiday season and may 2019 bring you many more blessings.

With a warm heart,
Anna Behnam

* H.D. Cooke Elementary School is in Adams Morgan and serves approximately 400 students. Because the school is a Community Eligible School, all students receive free meals and may qualify for after school vouchers. In addition, they are also a Title 1 school meaning that the students may qualify for additional benefits.

I’d also like to thank my neighbors in Bethesda, MD for their contributions to our collection.

Director at Dast2Dast Inc.
Anna Behnam is a financial advisor with Behnam & Associates in Rockville, MD. She specialized in helping her clients with financial planning including retirement, education, insurance and investing. She lives with her husband and son in Bethesda, MD. Anna has been part of the Dast2Dast family for over five years. In addition to her charitable work here, she also supports children’s organizations such as Neediest Kids and causes such as the National Kidney Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. In her spare time she also volunteers at a local church as a photographer.
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