Iranian Woman With Young Child Needs Our Help

Iranian Woman With Young Child Needs Our Help

I am writing because an Iranian woman and her 7-year old child need our help. They are currently staying at a women’s shelter in southern California. In 2 weeks, they will have to leave the shelter and have nowhere to go.

During her time at the shelter, she went to school and got a certificate in Optical Dispensing. She is now looking for a job at a doctor’s office, preferably an eye doctor somewhere in Southern California. Any kind of assistant/administrative job at a medical office will do for now.

Please reach out to all of your California contacts to see if we can find her a job ASAP. Please email me for her resume.

Her ex-husband was very physically abusive toward her and her daughter, and now she has a restraining order against him. They moved here a few years ago from Iran and going back is not an option. She has no family or friends here to help her; her parents have passed away and her siblings in Iran cannot afford to help.  

Any contribution will make a difference in the life of this woman and her child. If you wish to mail things to her, I can give the address of my friend who lives near the shelter, and she will drop them off to her. I cannot reveal the address of the shelter in this post. Please email me for her bank info or an address. Also, since her resume contains personal information, please be careful who you forward it to. I would not want all of this effort to cause her any harm.

Thank you so much for your time.
Happy Holidays,

Leila Mansouri is an attorney at Mansouri Law Office, PLC with expertise in international arbitration, contract negotiation, legal compliance, and pharmaceutical law. Her greatest enjoyment comes from giving back to the community, where she consistently provides free legal services to those in need.
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